Why Choose River Dental

“River Dental is the result of a vision I have built up over many years of being unhappy with the way dental care was being provided. I believed that there was a better way to do things and so I set out to do something about it.


This is my opportunity to do dentistry the way I have always wanted. The team are handpicked, the best I have worked with over my career, and we all share the same ethos.


The environment we have created here in Stockbridge is beautiful and relaxing, quite unique for a dental practice. We use the best materials, techniques and equipment and spend a lot of time on courses learning from other dentists we admire.


It may seem old fashioned but I believe your dentist should be someone who genuinely cares about you and is someone you trust. I believe good dentistry is about knowing your patients, their history, their anxieties and their experiences. It takes time to build that relationship based on trust and honesty and it is as much about me getting to know you as you getting to know me.


River Dental is my future, I am the practice owner and I am here for the duration of my career. I want all my patients to feel a part of my practice, part of the team and know that they have my expertise at their fingertips whenever they need it.


I want them to know that they have a place to take their family to for their care for the next 30 years. And after that who knows, maybe one of my children will take my place.”



Patient Testimonials

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