Dental Crown Patient Steven

“The crown had been previously fitted by a dentist elsewhere but unfortunately he hadn’t fitted the crown very well, so although it was sat over the tooth, part of the root on one side of the crown was exposed, therefore bacteria could get in the side of the crown and effectively damage the root and the tooth.  Richard spotted, through an X-ray, on the general checkup of my mouth just to make sure there aren’t any issues.  He spotted the fact that the persisting crown was a problem and it was replaced. It was done very well, no pain, no discomfort.  It was fairly quick, so I wasn’t spending a lot of time with my mouth held open.  He then X-rayed what was left of the existing tooth, the crown was then automatically generated on premise.  He was able to have the crown colour matched to my existing teeth and the crown was back and ready for fitting in a very short period of time.  It was very comfortable and actually the very first fitting I couldn’t suggest any alterations that he needed to make to make it more comfortable.  It seemed to be a very natural tooth in my mouth.

I was very happy when I first saw the result because it was more about how the tooth felt in my mouth rather than how it looked.  The colour was a perfect match, it looked fine, it felt a natural tooth in my mouth.  I didn’t feel like there was something alien in my mouth that I had to spend months getting used it.  It was just my tooth and I was very happy with that.”

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