Dental Crowns Patient Anne-Marie

The procedure that he wanted to do was to crown this tooth which was a very old filling and it started to have a little crack in it, a hole in it. So he removed the filling,  crowned it and you wouldn’t know its not a genuine tooth, it’s absolutely marvelous. And the whole procedure was done actually within the 2-hour waiting period.  My thoughts on Richard are that he is very sensitive to people’s feelings whether they are nervous or not nervous.  And I found him to be a very very clever dentist.  When I first visited the practice as soon as you come on through the door you have a feeling of calm and peace just by the river there and altogether a very pleasant place to come, far as dentists go.

Whatever treatment I have to have done Richard always keeps informed as to each step of the treatment he is going to do, and that calms my nerves of course, because I have had said before I am very very nervous. When I saw the result of the crown he had just done, I thought wow I wish he could do all my teeth like that.

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