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“I’ve had a recent problem with a serious abscess on the lower jaw. I was off on holiday with my wife and her friend and we got to Gatwick in the car and decided not to accompany them on the holiday. Came back here to Stockbridge, arrived here at 10am in the morning and Richard Budleigh saw me and did an Xray and said that I had an abscess in the lower jaw and said come back this afternoon at 4:15.

They conducted a root filling on me, I was out of here by quarter past 5 that same day and I flew to Tenerife, where I’d been wanting to go to that morning.  I flew to Tenerife the next day, so it was an excellent story for me, they kept me going.  I had my holiday and my teeth have been wonderful ever since. I have been coming to Richard for a number of years actually and I think he is a really good dentist. I’ve had less to do with my teeth since he started looking after them than I ever did in the last 20 years with another dentists that I came to before.  So, I have never experienced Alex who conducted the root filling that I mentioned earlier on. Never met her before but she was very professional and did a really good job and in an hour or so she had done the whole thing and it was excellent work.”

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