Cosmetic Dentistry Patient Jackie

“The treatment I had done was having some cosmetic work done on my two front teeth. I had quite a gap in between my two front teeth and one of them had quite a bit of marking that was within in the enamel which I was really quite self-conscious about. I gradually had my two teeth built up to get rid of the gap between them and covering in the marking on them as well which made a huge difference to my self-confidence really.  My first thoughts when I met Richard was he was just very calm, very friendly, made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. The initial work I had done I hadn’t been to a dentist for a few years so I had quite a bit of work to work through and he explained it all very very carefully and reassured me of things that they could do. The overall process was very positive, it was carefully planned out and he talked through what the difference it might make.  I looked at lots of photographic evidence and videos of previous patients for the possibilities of what could be done. And then it was explained it would have to be phased through various appointments and things.  So I had a clear understanding of what was going to happen really. When I first saw the result I kept looking, I had taken photographs of course beforehand and afterwards and I kept looking at the two together and didn’t recognise myself for a while. What Richard had said to me beforehand was that people smiled naturally so much in the beginning, in the first few weeks, as it’s such  a different face looking at you really.”

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