Dental Implant Patient Steve

Problem is I’d neglected my teeth for a period of time and the dental practice put together a package of treatments, including the hygienist, the dentist and an implant. My treatment plan has been an end-to-end solution incorporating the dentist and more importantly the hygienist to ensure that my teeth are in good health throughout the year. The treatment’s been superb, I was always nervous about coming to the dentist and actually with the hygienist giving me confidence and the health of my teeth I’m more than happy to come back on a frequent basis. The benefits since having the treatment is that I now have a healthy set of teeth and gums which has given me more confidence both in work and in my social life. Yes I would recommend the practice, it’s been a life saver for me, from the poor position my teeth were in before I came to a very good outlook for the future. It’s a very good practice, very friendly , very professional and a high quality of service. When I first saw my smile after my implant I was so happy, my teeth were straight and it gave me the confidence to smile much more. I would advice people to come here and have treatment, it’s proven a huge success to me, and something that was daunting in the past is now just an everyday occurrence and has put me in really good health for the future.”

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