Dental Hygiene Hampshire   Dental Hygiene in Hampshire

Alison Gerrett is our Dental Hygiene Therapist at River Dental Hampshire and plays a very important part in improving and maintaining your gum and dental health.


She will assess your gum health, the level of inflammation in your gums and the level of deposits on your teeth and gums. She works closely with all the dentists at River Dental to prevent and treat gum disease.


She will also help you with a personalised hygiene plan so that once she has removed all the deposits and treated your gums you will know and understand how to maintain your gum health.

We place a strong emphasis on prevention and will spend time getting this right. No matter how good and extensive our treatments are, if you cannot maintain the health between visits then we are letting you down.

Prophy Flex3 Tooth Stain Removal

Many patients find whilst they manage to maintain their gum health they struggle with staining from red wine, coffee and foods. This treatment is used primarily to help those of you with that problem.


Although this is not strictly a whitening treatment, patients have commented on how much cleaner and whiter their teeth appear. The treatment is quick, painless and usually takes around 30 minutes to complete.


The system works by air, water and carbonated particles being projected at high pressure onto the tooth surface. The treatment is non-damaging to the tooth surface.

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