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At River Dental we are pleased to be able to offer our patients a number of methods to straighten their teeth.

Our qualified and experienced practitioners have a variety of skills to provide a range of treatments to suit your needs and budget, so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

To give you more information and get you started on the right path we offer a free of charge assessment with one of our dentists to discuss your requirements and treatment options.

Although this won’t include the detailed treatment planning needed to get started, it will give you an insight into options, costs and results you can achieve.


Orthodontic Treatment FAQ’s

What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?


Having orthodontic treatment can have different benefits for different people.  Some patients may find a renewed sense of confidence once their teeth are aligned, be it smiling or when talking in public.  Others will have more comfort when eating and chewing.  Some who had crowded teeth will find it easier to keep their teeth clean and reduce the chances of getting bad breath and cavities.  It is also possible that orthodontic treatment is needed to give a better result as part of a larger treatment plan – for example if you are having implants or bridge work.

Are my children too young for orthodontic treatments?


It is always best to have orthodontic treatment when you are younger, as your bones are still growing and your teeth can move into their new positions much easier.  While fixed braces are not generally used on young children, removable functional appliances, and Invisalign aligners can be used to straighten the teeth of children as young as 6.  With compliant wear, early intervention may reduce the need for fixed braces later on.

Is it too late to have orthodontics?


It is generally considered best to have orthodontic treatment when younger.  However, that doesn’t mean you cannot have treatment as an adult.  Successful treatments have been carried out on adults in their twenties as well as in their eighties.  As long as your teeth are strong, and you have good bone levels and oral hygiene, there is no reason why adults shouldn’t have the smile they have always wanted.

Will the treatment work for me?


Not every method of orthodontics works for everyone.  Some people do not get along with the responsibility of having to take removable aligners out when they eat and remembering to put them back in, others may have people focused jobs where they do not want noticeable fixed braces.  A consultation to discuss your orthodontic needs, your life habits, and what you wish to gain from having treatment, will enable our highly trained team to present the best treatments tailored to you.

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