Adult Orthodontics Hampshire   Dental Implants

Do you have a missing tooth (or teeth)?


Maybe you have uncomfortable dentures?


Dental Implants could be for you as it is one of the most innovative dental treatments in modern day dentistry. It enables us to replace lost teeth with artificial ones that look, feel and function like natural teeth.


Dental implants are permanently fixed in place and have a great number of benefis.

They do not have to be removed at night to sleep or more embarrassingly they do not fall out when you least expect it!


Having implants also make it easier to chew and has more positive effects on your general health. As the dental implants are fixed and look exactly like natural teeth, they can also greatly increase your confidence to smile.


Dental implants are not a new innovation, they are tried and tested. They are one of the most successful dental treatments available.



Steve a Dental Implant patient at River Dental in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

“Problem is I’d neglected my teeth for a period of time and the dental practice put together a package of treatments, including the hygienist, the dentist and an implant.

My treatment plan has been an end-to-end solution incorporating the dentist and more importantly the hygienist to ensure that my teeth are in good health throughout the year.

The treatment’s been superb, I was always nervous about coming to the dentist and actually with the hygienist giving me confidence and the health of my teeth I’m more than happy to come back on a frequent basis.

The benefits since having the treatment is that I now have a healthy set of teeth and gums which has given me more confidence both in work and in my social life.

Yes I would recommend the practice, it’s been a life saver for me, from the poor position my teeth were in before I came to a very good outlook for the future.

It’s a very good practice, very friendly , very professional and a high quality of service. When I first saw my smile after my implant I was so happy, my teeth were straight and it gave me the confidence to smile much more.

I would advice people to come here and have treatment, it’s proven a huge success to me, and something that was daunting in the past is now just an everyday occurrence and has put me in really good health for the future.”

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    Patient Testimonial

    “I just wanted to send a quick update and a massive thank you to Rachel for my extraction on Monday. As anyone would be, I was slightly nervous, but Rachel was FANTASTIC at her job, not that I ever see anything but from River Dental. It was a pretty complicated and long extraction compared to a previous one but Rachel (and I can’t forget Dani) were just brilliant and made me feel so relaxed and looked after. I really just wanted to sing their praises to you! It would also be wonderful if someone could please let Rachel know that I have not had an ounce of pain since the procedure. My mouth feels like nothing has happened to it at all bar a gentle bruise! I don’t think it’s just luck, I truly believe that Rachel’s skill is to thank for that. Unfortunately for my teeth, I’ve had to visit 4 times in the last 2 weeks and have been greeted with amazing professionals on every visit. I am very lucky to have found you guys and couldn’t wish for a better dentist. You’re worth every penny. Is it normal to enjoy visits to the dentist?! Many Thanks, Emily PS my class of Year 3/4 children absolutely loved looking at my extracted tooth and it seems to have become a classroom exhibit. At least it has put them all off eating sweets! “


    Meet The Dentist

    Rachel Evans is our Implant Surgeon. An experienced and capable surgeon, she offers from single implants to multiple implants including the “All on 4” system. Another treatment gaining in popularity is denture stabilisation using mini implants

    If you would like to consider replacement of a missing tooth or teeth utilising dental implants then a consultation with Rachel is the first step in the process.


    Not all situations are suitable to place implants and Rachel needs to assess your dental health, the health of other teeth in the mouth, the level and quality of supporting bone. She also needs to asses your overall health and ability to tolerate implants as well as the continued care post operatively.


    Once she has assessed all these factors Rachel can discuss your plan and together you can decide on treatment choices and options.

    Single Implant

    Implant Bridges

    All on 4 Implant

    How do dental implants work?

    Dental implants are small posts placed under the gum in to the jaw to work as the roots of missing teeth. Once the dental implant has integrated within the bone, a crown, or artificial tooth, is then fitted to match your teeth and mouth and improve your smile.

    An implant can replace one tooth or multiple teeth for a healthy smile that looks and feels natural. Implants are a well-established, tried-and-tested treatment. Over 95 per cent of modern implants should last for many years with the right care.

    A dental implant begins with either a referral from another dentist or a self-referral by someone who has suffered one or more lost teeth. The process then follows the 5 stages of treatment over 3 to 9 months:

    Assessment and treatment planning

    We’ll discuss the alternatives and assess the feasibility of implant treatment. CT scans allow a 3D image of the bone and surrounding teeth to be viewed, enabling us to asses the area in great detail and check the bone density of the jaw, taking away the likelihood of any surprises once treatment has started. As well as a painstaking verbal explanation of the treatment and associated costs, a written treatment plan will be provided and, where appropriate, finance arranged.

    Implant placement

    This simple surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthesia with conscious sedation for anxious patients if required. If the underlying bone is deemed deficient to support the implant and bone regeneration is possible it is carried out around this time.

    Integration period

    It can take implants from 6 weeks to 6 months to fuse with the bone. In the meantime, it may be necessary to have temporary dentures or bridgework for eating and for aesthetic effect. In some cases, temporary teeth can be fixed to the implants.

    The restorative phase

    The implants are then completed with one of a variety of new teeth options for you, ranging from a single crown on the implant, an implant bridge or a removable overdenture (a denture held in place by an implant).


    Regular check-ups will be required to monitor the implant treatment.

    Patient Testimonials

    If you would like to find out more about dental implants please get in touch. Follow the link to be directed to our contact page.