Price List

Examination (Small X-Ray’s included)£96.00
Panoral X-Ray£94.00

Dental hygiene appointment£96.00
Periodontal treatment with Hygienist£196.00
Periodontal consultation with Sharmila£267.00
Periodontal treatment with Sharmila from£416.00

White filling from£96.00
Composite Artistry from£180.00
Root Fillings with Alex from£580.00
Cerec treatment (1 visit porcelain restoration)£962.00
Bridges (per tooth)£962.00
Crowns or Veneers£962.00
Extraction from£174.00
Surgical extraction from£449.00

Tooth whitening£500.00

Dentures from£900.00
Dental implant consultation£206.00
Dental implant and crown from (Priced individually)£3875.00

Ortho Retainers£170.00

Invisalign Go Assessment£410.00
Orthodontic Assessment with Denise£182.00 Adult, £152.00 Child

Emergency visit£116.00
Out of hours visit to reopen practice£288.00



check ups– Under 5’sfree
– Age 5-18£50.00
– Age 18-21£60.00
 If Parent a Patient£34.50
 Oral Hygiene Instruction Age 5-18£45.00