Price List

Examination (Small X-Ray’s Included)£103.00
Panoral X-Ray£102.00

Dental Hygiene Appointment£103.00
Airflow With Hygienist£212.00
Periodontal Consultation With Sharmila£289.00
Periodontal Treatment With Sharmila From£499.00

White Filling From£103.00
Composite Artistry From£194.00
Root Fillings With Alex From£626.00
Cerec Treatment (1 Visit Porcelain Restoration)£1039.00
Bridges (Per Tooth)£1039.00
Crowns or Veneers£1039.00
Extraction From£188.00
Surgical Extraction From£485.00

Tooth Whitening£500.00

Dentures From£970.00
Dental Implant Consultation£223.00
Dental Implant And Crown From (Priced Individually)£4185.00

Orthodontic Assessment With Denise£196.00 Adult, £164.00 Child
Orthodontic Treatment With Denise (Fixed Upper And Lower, Including Retainers)£4000.00
Invisalign Go Assessment£350.00

Emergency Visit£126.00
Out of Hours Visit to Reopen Practice£312.00



Check Ups– Under 5’sfree
– Age 5-18£54.00
– Age 18-21£65.00
 If Parent a Patient£38.00
 Oral Hygiene Instruction Age 5-18£45.00