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If you are looking at having orthodontic treatment, you may find it daunting to look at all the different options that are available.  When you come in for a consultation at River Dental, we want to make the options very clear and ensure you have an in-depth understanding of the treatments.

It is very important to us that you have the right treatment for your personal situation, your personal circumstance as well as your dental needs.  In some cases, the most suitable orthodontic treatment is a fixed brace.  This is the brace that is commonly referred to as “train-tracks”.

These fixed braces are a popular method of treating a wide range of orthodontic cases, including:

  • Crowding – if your teeth overlap or are close together
  • Spacing – if you have gaps between your teeth
  • Overbite – where your upper teeth overlap too far over the lowers
  • Overjet – if your front teeth stick out
  • Underbite – where the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth
  • Crossbite – where your teeth do not bite together in a straight line
  • Openbite – when your teeth do not touch when your mouth is closed
  • Misplaced midline – if the line between the upper two teeth at the very front do not match up with the line between the lower front teeth


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Fixed Braces FAQ’s

What happens when you have treatment?


Once you have had your consultation, and you have found out what braces are the best treatment option for you, then we can make plans to start you on your orthodontic journey.  We will arrange for x-rays to be taken, so we can get a better understanding of your jaw and the position of the roots of your teeth, take photographs of your teeth in their current position, and arrange a time for you to have the braces fitted.

Once the brackets have been attached to your teeth, you will need to come back in to see us every 6-8 weeks.  This will be so we can adjust the wires and make any necessary alterations.  As the wires change through your treatment, different amounts of force will be applied to gently move your teeth to their final position.

Will treatment with fixed braces be uncomfortable?


As with any orthodontic treatment, there may be some discomfort, this should be minimal as you continue through treatment.  Tips on looking after your brace, and reducing any discomfort, can be gained from our members of staff.

It is very important the you continue to attend your regular dental check-up and hygiene appointments while you are having orthodontic treatment, as some patients may be more susceptible to caries and gum problems while they are wearing braces.

DR Denise Taylor

Meet the Dentist

Dr Denise Taylor – Specialist in Orthodontics
BDS Lpool and Dorth RCS


Dr Denise Taylor is registered on the Specialist List in Orthodontics of the General Dental Council and is a member of the British Orthodontic Society, British Dental Association and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

With wide experience in both hospital and practice orthodontic specialist clinics, Dr Taylor has considerable expertise in the use of modern orthodontic techniques. She treats both adults and children and loves seeing the improvements in appearance and confidence that beautifully aligned teeth bring. Denise is able to treat her patients using all contemporary orthodontic appliances and is a certified Incognito Lingual and Damon System specialist.


GDC Registration No. 50339

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