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Incognito, a state-of the -art high precision system, is the ultimate in “invisible” tooth alignment. Fixed braces are the gold standard when it comes to creating the best tooth alignment – so what could be better than gold fixed braces hidden on the inside of your teeth?

Hidden Braces

A set of upper Incognito brackets designed to align the 6 upper front teeth. Containing a high proportion of gold and are engineered very precisely to each individual tooth. They are placed in a “carrier” so all the brackets are placed at the same time.

Incognito lingual fixed appliances cannot be seen in normal everyday life and work 24/7.


Adult Orthodontics Hampshire  Why choose Incognito Braces?

  • Effective treatment of alignment problems from simple to the most severe.
  • High technology and precision engineering combine to help the orthodontist deliver superb results.
  • Patients who will benefit from full correction of their front and back teeth will be advised to choose full Incognito braces.
  • Those who only need their front teeth straightened can choose Incognito Lite – a faster treatment, with Incognito brackets placed on the inside of the front teeth.
  • My Incognito patients love keeping their orthodontic work a secret!

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Incognito Braces FAQ’s

How long does it take?


That treatment can range from 6 months in simple cases to 3 years for severe cases.

Can adults be treated for Incognito braces?


Yes adults (and older teens) love Incognito braces because no-one need know you are wearing them. If your work involves presentation or performance or you prefer to be discreet then Incognito may be just right for you!

Will the treatment cause discomfort?


All orthodontic braces can cause discomfort as first while you get used to wearing them. It usually gets better within a few days and the results will be worth it! Incognito attachments are very thin and most patients find their speech is completely unaffected.

Are there any side effects?


Provided that you look after your teeth and appliances and avoid eating hard, chewy foods etc serious side effects are unlikely. Your orthodontist will discuss all risks with you before any treatment goes ahead.

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DR Denise Taylor

Meet the Dentist

Dr Denise Taylor – Specialist in Orthodontics
BDS Lpool and Dorth RCS


Dr Denise Taylor is registered on the Specialist List in Orthodontics of the General Dental Council and is a member of the British Orthodontic Society, British Dental Association and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

With wide experience in both hospital and practice orthodontic specialist clinics, Dr Taylor has considerable expertise in the use of modern orthodontic techniques. She treats both adults and children and loves seeing the improvements in appearance and confidence that beautifully aligned teeth bring. Denise is able to treat her patients using all contemporary orthodontic appliances and is a certified Incognito Lingual and Damon System specialist.


GDC Registration No. 50339

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