Signet Spotted on the River Test

One of the many benefits of working at River Dental is the beautiful location in Stockbridge, Hampshire. It would be rude not to stop and appreciate it for a moment every day.

First thing in the morning before the hum of life really kicks in and takes over there is a serene tranquillity to the practice and it is lovely to just stop for a moment and take it all in. Quite often there is something of interest that will catch my attention and keep me captivated for longer than I was intending.

Even if it is just a little pigeon sitting very close to the window, it is a rare opportunity to view it so closely and really appreciate the beauty.

This morning we were treated to a lovely surprise when looking out the back a little-ish grey signet appeared, floating along the River Test, gracefully plucking the leaves from the trees that gently sweep into the river. I am not sure if he was eating them but he seemed to be enjoying himself plucking them off. So another creature is added to our River Dental family and he will be aptly named Sid!