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    Before And After Photos

    Teenage female patient – embarrassed by very prominent upper left canine and crowded dental arches – treated with  upper and lower fixed appliances. No teeth extracted and great result.

    Used conventional metal straight wire brackets for this case. She wanted coloured modules (rings) and wanted them to show! Photographs courtesy of Dr Denise Taylor.

    Female patient ( performing arts professional dancer) -in her late twenties who was very self-conscious about her smile. Crowding and misalignment were extremely severe. Treatment involved upper and lower fixed labial appliances to align teeth and four premolar teeth were removed – it was impossible to align this case without creating space first! Ceramic brackets were used to improve appliance aesthetics and this patient was thrilled with her beautiful results. Photographs courtesy of Dr Denise Taylor.

    Vicki is in her 20’s and disliked the way her upper front teeth leaned backwards. In addition the lower front teeth were biting so tightly against the inner surface of the upper front teeth that dental enamel was being worn away. We corrected the angle of Vicki’s front teeth using Clarity Advanced brackets for the upper teeth and Victory series metal brackets in the lower arch. After around 18 months we achieved our aims of a comfortable safe bite and  beautiful dental alignment. Now Vicki has retainers bonded to her which don’t show as they are on the inside. Retainers are very important to keep this great result safe. Photographs courtesy of Dr Denise Taylor.

    Jo had always disliked her rather prominent upper front teeth. Working within the dental profession she was very keen to have her teeth aligned and fully understood the importance of looking after her teeth and braces. We decided to use Damon fixed braces ( Damon Clear in the upper arch and metal Damon Q in the lower). Jo was very keen to avoid any extractions to create space for alignment – instead we gently widened and increased the length of the dental arches and carefully developed enough space to align the teeth.

    Jo has maintained her super results by wearing her retainers as advised and we are delighted with her results. Photographs courtesy of Dr Denise Taylor.