Dental Implants – Steve’s Success Story

The treatment’s been superb, I was always nervous about coming to the dentist and actually with the hygienist giving me confidence and the health of my teeth I’m more than happy to come back on a frequent basis.”

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    Dental Crown – Alex’s Success Story

    From the moment you walk in through the door at River in Stockbridge here it really is a pleasure, you are always welcomed by a friendly team of receptionists and you walk through the door and Richard has a beaming smile and he just gets on with it, he’s great.”

    Cosmetic Dentistry – Jackie’s Success Story

    “I had taken photographs of course before and after and I kept looking at the two together and didn’t recognise myself for a while. Richard had said to me that people smiled naturally so much in the beginning, as it’s such a different face looking at you really.

    Tumour Removal – David’s Success Story

    The overall treatment I received here was excellent, and I’d say, well I feel very comfortable and I have any procedure done and the procedures are done without me feeling any pain which is always a great thing.

    Root Canal – Will’s Success Story

    “They conducted a root filling on me, I was out of here by quarter past 5 that same day and I flew to Tenerife, where I’d been wanting to go to that morning.  I had my holiday and my teeth have been wonderful ever since.

    Crowns Patient  – Anne-Marie’s Success Story

    “My thoughts on Richard are that he is very sensitive to people’s feelings whether they are nervous or not. And I found him to be a very clever dentist. When I saw the result of the crown he had just done, I thought wow I wish he could do all my teeth like that.

    Root Canal & Crowns – Hazel’s Success Story

    “My thoughts on the dentist Richard are excellent, I have been coming to him for a long while and I think he’s brilliant. I would recommend the practice because they are so friendly, easy to get on with and it’s very comfortable.

    Crowns Patient  – Steve’s Success Story

    “I was very happy when I first saw the result because it was more about how the tooth felt in my mouth rather than how it looked. The colour was a perfect match, it looked fine, it felt a natural tooth in my mouth.